Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu Sustainability specialist on a mission to help companies and organizations in becoming more sustainable focusing on concrete and measurable actions.

You only know what you know

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Hi everyone!

I felt called to share with you what has been recently going on in my life and why I have not written any content here for a couple of months.

In the beginning of this year I stepped out from the entrepreneurial path and I took time for myself to reflect where I would see myself next. This process that I called “a transition period” consisted of inner work and truly listening to my heart.

Helping businesses in their sustainability journeys, to meet their goals and to measure their performance is something that I enjoy to do. In 2020, I co-founded SDG Monitor that connected all of the above and more. I got to work with companies operating in different industries and landscapes, having different sustainability challenges to tackle. A lot of my work involved sustainability advisory, presentations, communication and marketing of the products, services and creating solid thought leadership.

I felt that I needed to make a decision to start doing what I love but at this time doing it “in-house”. With in-house I mean working in a company that´s values are compatible with my values and that´s path I want to contribute to. I accepted an interesting position in a global consumer goods company in Finland in March. The idea of working in the supply chain sustainability was very exciting as it was something new to me and I love to learn new things in this consistently evolving scene.

The shift from being an entrepreneur to working for someone else was not an easy ride like no big life change is. It was not easy to let go of the freedom that being a startup entrepreneur gave me or to let go of the empowering feeling of launching a new product, a concept or a service.

I am overly grateful for all the things I accomplished, the events I joined, the amazing people who I crossed paths with and speeches that I held during my three years of startup life. I will never forget it and I will never forget who I became during that journey. I would not be the person I am today without that wonderful experience.

Looking forward and with the new job came a new home, too. I moved to Finland and found a new place where I could finally put all my stuff in. There was a need for stability, a secure place that I can call home. A lot of my time I’ve spent in decorating the apartment, getting plenty of plants and buying a new sustainable couch that is velvet green! I love it! Green is currently my favorite color!

To sum up these last few months, I got to say that we cannot know it before we try it ourselves. With that I want to encourage all of you to try, to jump to the unknown, to develop the idea, to do the work, to start that business, to implement that strategy, all the way to creating your dream life.

Live your truth and own it. The goals change in the course of life but be mindful when it’s time for a change. Don’t sit too long in a place that doesn’t serve you. Tune in and listen. The answer will come when you intentionally and gracefully give it a chance to come out.

That said, I’m back now and you will read insightful sustainability content from me soon again!

Be Smart. Live Sustainably.


Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu
Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu Sustainability specialist on a mission to help companies and organizations in becoming more sustainable focusing on concrete and measurable actions.

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