Turning waste into new valuable materials and products by repairing, reusing, reproducing and recycling.

Circular Economy

5 reasons why packaging is important

Packaging, whether it is a food packaging, cosmetics packaging, electronics packaging or packaging of a piece of clothing, it has a purpose why it...
Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu
4 min read

Recycling and waste management

One of the benefits of recycling is to take part in the important challenge of resource efficiency and keeping the environment clean. Recycling is...
Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu
8 min read

Circular Economy – A Trillion-Euro Opportunity

Companies concentrating on sustainable development and decreasing their carbon footprint will be the most profitable ones in the future. Circular economy provides fantastic opportunities...
Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu
6 min read