Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu

Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu

I am a sustainability and nature enthusiast originally from Finland. I have lived in Paris for seven years while working at international engineering sector and at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). I am a Co-Founder and CEO of a cloud-based sustainability measurement tool, SDG Monitor. We help companies and organizations to measure their sustainability performance and show its impact.

I graduated from the University of Turku with a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration. Due to my strong motivation and passion towards the environment and especially circular economy, I have taken postgraduate open university courses in Natural Science at the University of Turku and in Business Sustainability Management at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

My interests

Businesses: circular economy, managing business sustainability, monitoring business sustainability, holistic approach, innovative solutions, carbon neutral economy, systemic change, climate crisis, carbon sinks and biodiversity protection

Consumers: sustainable and conscious lifestyle, consumption habits, recycling, waste management and bio-based materials

What I write about?

I write about current topics in sustainability. I am interested in the potential of circular economy in mitigating the climate change. Businesses have a crucial role in contributing to the systemic change, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and viewing global problems as part of an overall system, holistically. Business practices must be thought from products and services, business processes and supply chains aspects.

Moreover, I want to raise awareness about plastic pollution problem, banning of single use plastic packaging, making recycling more efficient, oceans’ and ecosystems’ alarming state and how can we, as individuals, contribute to the global target of a net zero carbon economy by changing our consumption habits.

My hobbies

  • Yoga, meditation
  • Personal development
  • Mindfulness
  • Dancing salsa
  • Playing piano
  • Travelling
  • Learning every day something new about sustainability!

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.